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Illustrations by Stefania Tomasich

Conceptual Illustrations

Ossola Guitar Festival Illustration By Stefania Tomasich

This illustration was created to participate in a competition for the representative image of "Ossola Guitar Festival 2020". I won the second price!

The Dream Book-cover

Illustration created for the cover of the book "Il Sogno di un Visionario"

The Mirror And The City | By Stefania Tomasich

Personal illustration that wants to represent the contrast of life in the city with the desire for a more natural environment.

Fashon Black Girl With Glasses

Personal Illustration where I created a fashion image looking for a harmonious chromatic contrast.

I Feel You | Illustration By Stefania Tomasich

Here is an illustration I made to take part at World Illustration Awards. It is a personal project about the Power of Empathy (where these women are sharing the same hair!).

Break Free From Toxic Relationships | Illustration By Stefania Tomasich For CrunchyTales

Toxic Relationships: Practical Steps To Help You Cope - Illustration for

StartUp In MidlleAge | Stefania Tomasich For CrunchyTales

Why Launching A Start-Up In Your 50s Is The New Normal - Illustration for article.

Motivational Apps | CrunchyTales Tomasich

5 Free Motivational Apps To Boost Your Goals - illustration made for

Menopause New Life | For By Stefania Tomasich

Let’s Re-Brand the Menopause - Illustration made for

Financial Confidence | For By Stefania Tomasich

Why Launching A Start-Up In Your 50s Is The New Normal - Illustration made for

Greyness | For By Stefania Tomasich

Grey Pride: Live And Let Dye Die - Illustration for

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